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Among Fir and Rosemary
29 May - 10 June 2019, mixed media, variable dimensions, old parsonage, Markgravelei, 95, Antwerp

Between a dead fir and a disintegrated rosemary is placed a white banner. The size of the shape at
both ends is based on the perimeter of the organisms. These both give also rise to a natural flow with
a certain tension. The surface of the banner consists of pieced strips sewn together. Underneath are
planted impregnated battening boards. They are cut to size in stakes, which are fixed with horizontal
connections and lengthwise at the edge fastened with mason's cord. A pattern of stitches and lines
become visible. This human effort is an attempt to bring two entities together, a dead and a living one.

Photo (8/15): Godewijn Daled

With thanks to Bert Ghysels