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January - February 2014, different media, No Lights On, CC ’t Vondel, Halle-Brussels

The historic renaissance town hall (1616) in Halle has a compelling character, which is not easy to ignore.
Four new paintings were made for a given space. They are reaffirmed by the light, the removed pieces of
wallpaper (for archaeological research) and the present interior objects.
By taking down the chandeliers, ceiling lights, I try to tilt the somewhat loaded atmosphere. However
the elaboration happens harmonious. The domination of the chimney is compensated by facing it with
an elongated bank.
The idea and the fact that these chandeliers are apart -on an unreachable distance from each other-
led during the painting process to organic elements, which are encountered, coincided are separated.
Also the hollow forms or 'holes of lack' are notable. The non- obvious use of color, such as the explicit
yellow tones, pave the way to alienation even more.
Fascinating is that the material constrains, which restrict the liberty of the mind, leads to unexpected
interventions. The mind -although rich in an infinite imagination- can never consider this himself. It is
exactly by the existing atmospheres that 'Atmosville' could be born.

Curated by Geert Van Doorsselaere and Hugo Meert