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Boxed Tops
August - 0ctober 2003, 9 pollard - willows, wood, metal and banner, different dimensions (boxes
1.40 x 1.40 m - 1.70 x 1.70 m, trees 2.35 - 3.10m high), Kunst en Zwalm, Rozebeke, Zwalmstreek

Nine pollard willows growing in a row along a slightly inclined track. The two outermost trees are
overwhelmingly large. In between the severely cropped tops of the trees a white translucent
cube appears to hover around, which is in direct relation to the size of the trees.
The ’touched heads‘ of the trees speak in visual implicit manner while still remaining present.
Enclosing the tree tops do not prevent them from growing. The branches stretch upwards. The light
plays with them. In bright sunlight the tops are projected outward, in a more subdued light they stay
quietly within.
The construction of the boxes that surrounds the tree tops is a simple affair. Four fixed light wooden
frames, each covered with stretched banner, form a cube, a spatial canvas in the environment.
However, to install these boxes on the capricious pollards was unpredictable. Viewing each tree
required an approach of its own.
In order to create a better view of the cubes the encroaching weeds are cleared, un uneven little
carpet appears. The environment act as a decor for the trees. The installation remains also visible
from further away. The irregular series of white cubes works like a sterile settlement, which undeniably
transforms the landscape.

Curated by Patrick Merckaert
Realized with the support of Dirk De Nul & Co.

With thanks to Paul Claeyé