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June - July 2001, laurel-cherry, metal, wood and cotton, 5.6 x 5.5 x 7.4 m, presentation of the laureates’
works, 2001, H.I.S.K., Antwerp

Bushes grow along walls, carefree. I have taken one of them and boxed it in a wooden construction.
The dimensions of the box are precisely chosen so that the whole of the bush can be seen. The walls
are painted in a very bright grey - lilac colour. The floor is covered with a grey carpet. The roof is a
transparent sheet of corrugated plastic. Stretched under it is a cotton cloth, which filters the light.

With thanks to Bert Ghysels, Joëlle Wilssens, Hans Thielman and Ann Claeyé

Photos: Sofie Silberman, Hans Thielman