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By Itself
October - November 2000, organic material (clay, soil, potting compost and 7 cabbages),
2.4 x 5 x 0.3 m, Fagus, i, f, Bosmuseum Jan Van Ruusbroek (Forestry museum), Zoniënwoud,
Groenendaal - Hoeilaart, Brussels

I made an attempt to raise an earthen wall in order to plant cabbages on it.

Work scheme:
-conveying soil, clay and potting compost
-weighing and mixing (first mixing he three components, then adding water)
-transporting the mixture to the location
-installing a stable, internal structure for the immense mass
-systematically erecting a framing around the internal structure
-filling up the framing with the soil mixture, layer by layer and tamping it down
-leaving the tamped down soil mixture to dry
-removing the framing

In an intimate room two videotapes are projected next to each other. One videotape details the
short dismantling process repeatedly, while the other shows the longer work process.

With thanks to Bert Ghysels, Joëlle Wilssens, Hans Thielman, Ward Denys, Pieter Vermeersch,
Stefan Maenen, Merlin Spie and Marc Nagtzaam

Video: Jos De Gruyter, photos: Hans Thielman