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Cabbages for Kiddy
August - October 2000, organic material (38 cabbages), metal construction 4 x 60 m, Labyrinth, Burcht,
located on the bank of the river Scheldt, near an industrial zone

I dedicated this work to the mother of a friend who, 25 years ago, was struck by lightning.

Due to an artificial intervention the conditions of the natural elements have changed and above all the
influence of the weather was always there. This unpredictability have made the work unfinished.
I often visited the installation to take care of and noted a steady change of the cabbages. They invited
me to register their process by photos. These transformed the installation in a two dimensional picture
which exceeds the illustrative one.

Curated by Stef Van Bellingen

With thanks to Bert Ghysels and Hans Thielman

Can you imagine: a tree that lays down its branches and continues growing
2002, ROMA - publication 33, 14 x 20 cm, 48 pages full colour, edition: 300, print: SSN Nijmegen,
design: Roger Willems, binding: Stokkink’s Boekbinderij, ISBN 90 805765 65, realized with the support
of Caldic Collection, Rotterdam and with thanks to Hans Thielman