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Droesem (dross) is a visual play with dance and movement for children around four years.

She, as a princess doesn’t feel at ease in her stereotyped role, played in current stories. She goes
in search of herself and discovers that she doesn’t need to act in the expected way all the time.
The monumental box is built from a light and flexible structure with a white transparent loose cover
around. This loose cover envelops the structure without too much tension whereby the cloth remains
fluid. It emphasizes the airy, which is all the more remarkable and perceptible if the box slowly glides
upwards. Once above the light effects should respond.
By moving the box its meaningful contents changes.
Seven benches in a nearly dirty yellow are placed in varied constellations. On the ground lies a dark
brown dance floor.

Director: Inne Goris, music: Eavesdropper, dancer: Sam Wissen, costume design: Lieve Meeussen,
dramatist: Jan Staes, scenography: Cathérine Claeyé, photos: Koen Broos and Cathérine Claeyé

Selected for the Theatre Fesitval 2008, Antwerp, Belgium; Manchester International Festival 2013,
England; Bronks, Theatre for a young public, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

With thanks to Rafaël Vergauwen, Trappen Platjouw and ShowTex