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We Can’t Escape the Need for Space
2012, wood, paper, 1.07 x 2.5 x 3.9 m, SECONDRoom, Antwerp

A reception desk of an old coffee - roasting factory is an invitation for an extension, constructed with
wood and covered with white paper. The construction stands by itself like an autonomous sculpture, in
the meantime it serves as a vehicle of the small painting, a little lost in the white space.
Due to this the relation between the painting and the space becomes more strongly related.
Although the installation is a stable structure it breathes a fluent movement. Just like the painting it has
its own natural order.
The measurement of the construction is conceived so that on both sides raised a passage-way, more or
less similar in width. One passage-way, near the opening of the door, is a kind of a private place like a
haven. That's where I am lying down and the action starts.
The performance reveals the space wherein the public is standing, waiting, watching and taking
position. Sometimes their own place is challenged. Its presence has a certain impact on the movements.
The act takes place in the evening three times for about twenty minutes. The principle of repetition
creates shifts and even distortions. An opportunity to let go and allow new patterns to develop themselves.
The break is a time to integrate what is revealed.

This enactment wishes to proclaim that the volume of space is a necessity, inherent in our deepest being.

Performance-installation and editing: Cathérine Claeyé, costume: collection Martin Margiela, camera and
sound: Mark Van Tichel, HD, 9'07

With thanks to Denis Van Laeken, Ivan Willemyns, David Van Mieghem and Fanny Zaman

Photos installation: realized in collaboration with Mark Van Tichel