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The Flying Dutchman / Richard Wagner, POPOK, 2006, Theatre Design, deSingel, Antwerp

A strip is made stairswise of different blue nuances. Ceasing and elevating the strip rhythmic causes
a cascade effect.
-1st act
Two shapes, which refer to the fuselage of a boat, encouter. On each shape hangs a coloured textile.
-2nd & 3rd act
In the center of the scene there is a monumental unit. It is a system made of folding faces, which as a
whole can also turn around. The structure of the unit consists of one main panel suplied by two pivot
points On the main panel there are 5 other panels attached, each with its own pivot point. The panels
exist in different colours, functioning separately and combined.

The colours are chosen in such a way that they respond to the atmosphere of the play.

With thanks to Paul Anckaerts