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Fork in the Road
2012, HD, 53’83, screening at Netwerk, Aalst

Two hands introduce simple things on an area that announces itself as a field full of opportunities.
The hands lead but don't really know where to go. The title indicates that the appearing hitches are
signs of a search.
An action brings about a situation, whereafter a new momentaneous opportunity arises. A certain
course occurs. By demonstrating things a dialectic is created between the decisive and the non
decisive. It includes meaningful shifts whereby the formal play evolves into an order, sometimes with
an unexpected narrative quality.
In the first place the hands are functional, they bring the items to the scene, but sometimes they
themselves occupy the scene as such, they become actors.
This little puzzling cosmos breathes an atmosphere between tension, threat and irony.

With thanks to Gérald Fenerberg and Hans Bocxstael