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Your Identity is Free, Free Your Identity
2020, This is how it Feels to Be Free, The Oracle Gallery, Antwerp

What we mean by the term identity is often based on unconscious patterns, shaped by the outer world.
By recognizing those patterns we can start to make choices in such a way that we gain more inner
freedom. It is a never ending process where we touch several hidden aspects of our usual roles and
habits. By doing the same, over and over again, in repetition, linked with the willingness to open up to
what is unseen, we are deepening and renewing ourselves, often through a shift of insight.

The circular movements during 21'27 minutes in a rather small space challenge the public. Its full focus
sometimes needs a break to turn in on oneself.

Performance: Cathérine Claeyé and Jasmina Hrebak, costume: collection Misericordia adapted by
Marie-José Van Bulck, collection Wim Neels, sound: Het Front (Serge Vermeersch and Patrick Vrancken)

Stills: camera on a tripod and filmed handheld by Hilde Vets

With thanks to Julia Cools

Curated by Annea Lyvv Dreisz