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From a Square via a Trapezoid into the Air
May - August 2014, wood and rope, circa 3 x 3 x 5.5 m, Landed, Domain Eksterheide, Museum
Jan Vaerten, Beerse

On a specific part of a forest in a natural domain where I was attracted to I searched and found four
spruce-firs more or less positioned in a square. Here the organic elements become the bearer of the
construction. They serve as the foundation for ‘making a place’.
On this spot I saw a floating trapezoid. The shape was clear, the construction was gradually building
in accordance with a certain plan deviating to conform to the natural compulsory irregularities.
The green rope is quite thin, but at the same time very present. Thereby the forest looses its
monotony and in spite of the transparency of the construction it offers a sheltered feeling.
Further it leads the eye upwards and higher. If you sit down, there's an immediate connection with
the surrounding nature, a trapezoid cupola above the head.
During the work process I discovered different skeletons. Not only one but more animals have
withdrawn from this specific place to die. In a sense the installation gets an extra dimension. It can
be seen as a monument for the deceased animals; a passage to another world.
An opening up path enhances the accessibility of the installation, but if it so happens that the walker
discover this spot by himself without any hint, it goes still more beyond the intrinsic thing because it
has become a place.

With thanks to Frank Vaerten, Roger and Jan De Vos and Luk Vermeerbergen