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Have a Nap in the Camp
September - October 2013, wood and plastic, 4 m x 5.8 m x +- 1.77 m, Old Power Station, Duinstraat,

The existing space seems like a kind of a bunker. The windows that look onto the outside world are
missing. The only present window allows some skimpy light. The tent construction even wants to cover
this. Shielded from the visibility, hidden from the others, the visitor finds himself in a shelter. One
experiences the outside world, which one leaves behind, in itself. The one who's is looking forward to
the hidden light, reaches it along both sides of the construction. He never approaches it directly.
In fact the paintings are functioning here as windows. They offer a lookout on worlds which rebound/
reverberate on the visitor. The landscape does not occur in the first place, it is a place in itself, where
the visitor can linger for a while.
The paintings are events, in which the elements occur as actors. They seem to escape the gravity, the
terrestrial laws. Flourishing bottomless. The lines can't withdraw from themselves. Due to their
interruptions they form connections. Inner spaces are revealed ('to the light').
The video 'playground' shows two girls enjoying driving nails in a cut tree trunk. The play offers them
a shelter, an escape (route) from the outside world. As it were, they find the carelessness of the ducks,
which do not tend to get further than the enclosed perimeter of the bush. Hence the title 'remaining
within the perimeter'. Do we not want to reach further? Back to the other side, the outside, into the world?

Realized with the support of the Flemish Community

With thanks to Erik Van de Vel, Wouter Cop, Rafaël Vergauwen and Sarah-Ann Cousein