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Prime Care
2009, coloured textile, 0.80 m x 130 m (30 + 100 m), Ten... slotte... het beeld, Kasteel van Gaasbeek,
Castle grounds, Lennik

In the wood two figures are winded from shoulders till hips in a coloured textile of 130 meters, which
also surrounds a tree. This tree remained them erect. In this way they could stand together through
the time.
A tension raises when one of them has enough of the situation and wants to leave. She is imagining
that the tree needs his whole space again, but isn’t it related to herself? The other one has not the
courage to develop alone, to unwind herself layer by layer, to get rid of the textile. She wants to stay
with this reliable tree. Especially because he took care of them without any longing or expectation.
Each one clears a way. One without any aim, the other dreaming of becoming a tree. Finally the two
figures end up at the beginning both in another shape, relieved of those dozens meters of textile.
During this process of unrolling and developing the public itself becomes embedded.

This performance starts with a dialogue between the two figures.

Geertje van Duijnhoven, a mezzo-soprano interprets the challenging development with singing.
‘In mijn droom ben ik een boom’ (‘I like to be a tree’) recites the other. Several times the singer
responds and interrupts her with a lightly tune.

Curated by collective PEP-IN-GEN
Realized with the support of Den Boom, Lier

With thanks to Geertje van Duijnhoven, Astrid Slingerland, Paul Anckaerts, Fanny Zaman,
Katie Verstockt, Jos De Gruyter and Hilde Van Hove

Photos: Fanny Zaman, Hilde Vets