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May - September 2013, wood, banner, 8 x 9 x 1.10 m, After Nature, Monumental, Tom Peeters,
Domain d’Ursel, Hingene

On the Domain d’Ursel there’s an oak. It is surrounded by a wooden construction, that is covered
with a white banner. In this way an inclined plane arises, that narrows backwards, while taking into
account the trees on this spot, placed in perspective.
On the height of the trunk at both sides some stairs lead to a pathway, so the passengers can not
only touch the trunk but also can go to the other side of the installation. It makes of this location
a transitional place.
Furthermore, it offers the opportunity for a stop on the top or gives a safe feeling under the banner.
Through this surface and the visible foundation -the bottom- visual layers arise. It lifts the oak an
a pedestal and at the same time removes it from his feet.

With thanks to Patrick Bruyns, Frank Lauwers, Dany Brys and Rafaël Vergauwen