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we’re all to pieces
2014, HD, 8’05, screening at Emergent Gallery, Veurne

The picture reminds us of a puppet show. Two separated pieces of parsley, severed from their ‘head’
are guided by two hands. They are searching each other for proximity while breaking it off repeatedly.
After a while they start dancing together and finally get interweaved. They come to a halt. A putative
rest commences.
From above a third party shows up while swinging, a congener with a crown. The situation looks
threatening when it becomes obvious that it wants to overthrow the two interlaced pieces. Subsequently
it resigns. The fixed camera rises and floats over the two pieces of parsley and further over the wooden
Two legs of a jeans are appearing. An isolated dualism (‘two in one’), like the two branches of parsley.
Visually a crack, an interruption and simultaneously an announcement of a reflective episode on the first
chapter. We see a sequence of black and white photographs of vegetables in their final developmental
stage. Remains of a garden which I cultivated in 1999 - 2000.
When the camera follows the floor further, an entire piece of parsley is laying there. Fully on its own.
This image dissolves in a little group of running boys in a park. On the background a fine stamping is
audible, which alludes to the moving parts of parsley in the first chapter.
The composition of the video in different sequences with a different experience of space, emphasizes
the reality as fragmented. Every connection seems temporary. We continuously are subjected to

With thanks to Bram Vandeveire