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May - September 2008, hornbeam, banner and wood, 65 m (contour) x 4.5 m (high), Artchitecture,
Monumental, Tom Peeters, Bornem

Wooden piles are erected around a hornbeam, on cobblestones on the one side, on grass on the
other side. The hornbeam which normally functions as a demarcation, is now standing alone.
Horizontal shelves at the top and those at 2.5 m high are connecting the piles. At the same height
horizontal shelves are likewise, but right through the hornbeam. These are stabilizing both sides.
There arises a gallery without roof. The banner which fences off the hornbeam is on one side white,
which intentionally contrasts with his environment. On the other side the banner is predominantly
green accepting and absorbing its environment.
There is an opening along which the visitor can enter and walk around the hedge. In the white part
the visitor is protected and experiences the environment as diffuse. In the green part he is visible
and apperceive the environment clearly.
The construction is built gradually in accordance with a certain plan deviating to conform to natural
compulsory irregularities of the hornbeam and the ground.

Photo (1/13): Frederic Geurts

With thanks to Patrick Bruyns, Frank Lauwers and Dany Brys