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May - October 2005, rhododendron, shade net and tube in zinked iron (covered with green plastic),
43 m (contour) x 3.8 m (high), Aarde, park Hof ter Saksen, Beveren

Green tubes are standing on a regular distance, planted in a circular shape, connected with each
other at the top. This material provided for railings of gardens, parks and different grounds, functions
to conceal a large rhododendron with a shade net.
The rhododendron has been subtly concealed. Because of the transparency of the fine netting, the
bush remains visible, sharper or more diffuse according to the light. And remains a component of its
The wind also plays a part. The netting hangs like a curtain. Then the wind pushes the netting
toward the rhododendron, bulging it. The force of the wind transforms the installation into a flowing,
restless, and at times even boisterous one. The netting then waves freely and subtly, it is lifted up
frivolously but brusquely.
At the entrance, a white birch ushers the visitors inside and waves with its crest, which consists of two
prominent branches above the white volume. The construction joins it to the bush.
Spectators walk around the bush or penetrate into the hollow of the rhododendron, toward its centre.

Curated by Kris Vanhemelrijck

With thanks to Jan Van Bogaert, Christl Van den Broucke, Geert Vermeire, Richard Willems,
Geert Maes and Christa Maes